Skydive trasimeno enjoying the sport

The case number 200 PK/Pid.Sus/2012 Skydive trasimeno enjoying the sport pocketed by presiding judge Artidjo Alkostar. Is a member sits as judge and Abdul Latif Main Zaharuddin. The verdict handed down on October 30, 2013 last.

“Skydive trasimeno enjoying the sport cancel the decision. Applicant freely,”whispered MA official who declined to be named told AFP.

Ahmad Rajab is a prisoner cases of corruption in the PT Pusri in 2001. Ahmad Rajab who works in charge of stock orders in PT Pusri be a corruption suspect subsidized fertilizer is lost in the warehouse.

It is known that when there checking fertilizer stocks in the warehouse PT Pusri where there is difference of 1379.2 tons were considered lost by PT Pusri. Ahmad Rajab thus considered responsible for the shortage of fertilizers in the warehouse and have to accept sentenced to 4 years in prison by a panel of judges.

By PK assembly, Ahmad Rajab free.

Indonesian Forum for Transparency ( Fitra ) disclose revenues Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo and Tjahaja Basuki Purnama . However, the data that had already been announced by Jokowi and Ahok. What about the other officials?